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Knotty. The scarf with a twist - Knitting pattern
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It may look relaxed and casual but this long triangular scarf is sheer luxury for your neck, knitted in baby alpaca wool with bobble edging. The bobbles are simply knitted into the scarf as you go along, no need to crochet an edge on afterwards. A special alternating pattern of decreases and increases gives the scarf the long, curved form of an asymmetrical triangle (rather like a boomerang) - it can be draped once or multiple times around your neck. The front and back are virtually identical so that you can twist and arrange the scarf as you choose. The scarf length can easily be adapted to the amount of wool yarn available, and you will find the pattern a joy to knit as there are no purl stitches. Masche für Masche entstehen aus hochwertigen Markengarnen in liebevoller Handarbeit schöne und zeitlose Kleidungsstücke, Accessoires und Geschenke für Groß und Klein: ob Tuch, Schal, Mütze, Stulpen, Puschen oder Socken - für jeden ist was dabei.

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