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The Crafty Kid´s Guide to DIY Electronics
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Create awesome DIY electronics projects using fabric, paper, and craft-no coding or electronics knowledge needed! This fun TAB guide features 20 creative and quirky projects that bridge the gap between electronics and craft. Each hands-on project builds electronics and craft skills in a fun way, using cheap, readily available electronics and craft materials-conductive thread, sewable LEDs, copper tape, small motors, and simple sensors. Designed to get children involved with electronics, The Crafty Kid´s Guide to DIY Electronics: 20 Fun Projects for Makers, Crafters, and Everyone in Between is divided into sections focusing on paper circuits, soft circuits, wearables, and robotic creatures. The projects are ideal for family making and crafting sessions, crafty people who want to take their creations to the next level, as well as for makers inspired by the cosplay and wearable scenes. The book will also appeal to traditional electronics hobbyists with a sense of humor! ·Provides an entertaining, hands-on introduction to electronics and making ·Suitable for beginner to intermediate makers ages 8 and up ·Written by a dedicated maker and experienced author

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